Lucid Mover -Theatre of the Absurd

Cast off preconceptions and lubricate your third eye as we take you on a trip through the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. Your narrator on this compelling journey into the filthy underbelly of inner city life is Lucid Mover; a modern day griot whose warm vocal tones, casual delivery and dry wit help to sugar-coat the pain and vitriol evident in his lyrics.

Lucid Mover’s meticulously crafted wordplay is given the perfect backdrop by producer WytFang’s smoky soundscapes. Obscure jazz, funk and soul samples are driven by punchy boom-bap breaks over thunderous basslines. This duo have taken that familiar classic Hip-Hop recipe and used it to make something truly unique and refreshing, like the best shepherd’s pie you’ve ever tasted.

On the album’s opening track, Lucid Mover gives urban dwellers a survival tip by reciting the mantra ‘Summertime is a State of Mind’ over a simple, laid-back piano riff, complemented beautifully by the sultry vocals of Denise Sherwood.

But it’s not long before listeners are jolted from that daydream into the harsh reality of ‘Tea & Biscuits’: “tryina put something in rumbling tums while powder and dust making thousands of funds/ turning houses to slums, girls to mums and gangs to guns.”

As we delve deeper, ‘Real Rain’ reflects the more sinister  more


released March 17, 2014

Raps: Lucid Mover
Beats: WytFang
Featuring: Denise Sherwood, Bill Daggs, Jazza, Skrein & Greg Blackman.
Additional Bass: Joe “Gringo” Bibby
Scratches: DJ Frendo
Mixed by: Lucid Mover
Mastered by: Lucid Mover @ Ze Cabin Studios, London.

Screaming Soul – Ghost Inna Dub

Ghost Inna Dub’ is the sophomore album from Screaming Soul, a collaboration between MC/Producer Lucid Mover and Reggae singer Ghetto Priest. This album is a sequel to their debut ‘Ghost in a Shell’, which was released in August 2011 on Emerging Species.

‘Ghost Inna Dub’ features Dub remixes by genre pioneer Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound and his protege Nick ‘Mutant Hi-Fi’ Coplowe (Prince Fatty/Hollie Cook/Battle For Seattle), two legends in their own rights who have brought a completely new twist to the group’s music.

“A radical re-versioning” – Mojo Magazine

Sherwood’s mixes were both recorded as live single-takes at On-U Sound studio in the traditional King Tubby style, but Coplowe chose to take a radically different approach at his Ironworks studio, completely changing the songs from their original format.

“One of the freshest, dynamic and brilliantly produced dub albums you’ll hear” – Clash Magazine

With the release of ‘Ghost Inna Dub’, Screaming Soul have truly cemented their place at the cutting edge of the UK music scene, demonstrating that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Screaming Soul – Warfare

‘Modern Warfare’ is the second release of 2011 from Screaming Soul, a collaboration between reggae singer Ghetto Priest and rapper/producer Lucid Mover.

A patchwork release of remixes, ‘Modern Warfare’ is essentially a revamped re-release of the group’s first first demo ‘Warfare’, which features on their debut album and was remixed by Ruckspin & Planas for Ranking Records in 2008. This EP Features both the Ranking mix and the original mix as well as Mutant Hi-Fi’s ‘Squatters in the Oval Office’ mix taken from Screaming Soul’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘Ghost Inna Dub’ (Feb 2012).

‘Operation: Zombie Nation’ producer Key Skills’ contribution is a surefire dance floor filler while DefDFires’ Bill Daggs, whose completely updated version of the track bears the EP title, features verses from Daggs himself, Uncle Jazza (DDF) and a cleverly ‘remixed’ verse by Sandman.

The EP also features two bonus tracks from Wot Not Music’s JJ Mumbles who has remixed two other tracks from Screaming Soul’s debut album ‘Ghost in a Shell’: the glitchy minimalist thump of ‘Wool Ova Dem Eyes’ and the eerily atmospheric ‘Rusty Cage’.


Screaming Soul – Ghost in a Shell

‘Ghost in a Shell’ is the visionary debut album from Screaming Soul, a collaboration between Sandman aka Lucid Mover (MC/producer) and Ghetto Priest (vocalist). This enigmatic duo are veterans of their respective scenes, having worked with the likes of Asian Dub Foundation, Adrian Sherwood, Congo Natty, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and many more.

‘Ghost in a Shell’ blends an eclectic mix of genres and influences; tribal drums and dubby melodicas transport you to a sun-drenched hilltop to witness ‘IllumiNatty’, before the grimy jazz tones of ‘Cat Among the Pigeons’ lead you down filthy back streets in search of a guilty fix. The thunderous bass lines and rump-shaking breaks of ‘Deep Beneath the Streets’ and ‘The Furnace’ are peppered with middle eastern spices while the album’s title track blends latin rhythms with soulful horns and sweeping strings to bring our journey to its dramatic conclusion.

“Ghost In A Shell is a picaresque journey through a modern, often dystopian London, that is not only musically adventurous and lyrically adept, but a timely and intelligent meditation on the darker side of capitalism.” –

These epic, multi-layered soundscapes set the backdrop for a pair of master wordsmiths to vent their existential musings and weave apocalyptic tales of struggle in the modern world. This dystopian narrative is told through a dialogue between the troubled disciple and the tribe elder; Sandman illustrates the darkness and difficulties we all face, while Ghetto Priest reassures with his rays of optimism.

“Makes Massive Attack sound like The Monkees” – Notion Magazine

‘Ghost In A Shell’ will be released 29nd August 2011 on Emerging Species. This download includes a full HD version of music video to the title track “Ghost in a Shell” and an 11-page digital inlay designed by Nompi with all album lyrics and credits.

COMING SOON! ‘Ghost Inna Dub’, the sequel to ‘Ghost In A Shell’: Dub versions and brand new material featuring remixes from Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound) and Mutant Hi-Fi (Prince Fatty) as well as contributions from Reggae Roast DJs Moodie & Exel.

Producer: Lucid Mover
Vocals: Sandman & Ghetto Priest